I'm Justin Wright.

I create entertaining campaigns,

to build passionate audiences for iconic brands.

I’m a highly self-motivated player/coach who loves strategic creative thinking, establishing global brand positioning, and team building.

Here’s a quick recap of my career so far:

2K Games

Currently leading creative on every AAA sports title at 2K. Building multiple annual releases from zero, to launch, to the post-launch lifecycle. Grateful to work with an endless amount of iconic athletes and musicians.

Landed the job I’d wanted for 15 years.
Helped Adidas map a year’s worth of creative in only five days. Led a massive new business win. Missed being client side.

Worked with a very special group of weirdos. Led brand, creator, and growth projects.
Let the Twitch Chat write an animated series.

Went client side. Traveled the world
leading multiple global brand marketing campaigns and product launches. Made thousands (literally) of fun ads for Gen Z.
Armstrong Aldrin & Collins

Built my own creative agency. Went from
zero to a steady stable of clients. Had a baby.


Worked with, learned from, and mentored,
the best people in the business. Quickly became a Creative Director. Made some memorable work for many of my favorite brands. Got married. Got burned out.

Worked for free until they hired me (seriously). Made viral videos for challenger brands. Learned to give daps from Kobe Bryant.
Dailey & Associates

Made thousands of banners. Hated every minute of it. Got good at ping pong.
Moved to LA

Moved to LA. Didn’t know anybody.
Cold-called every ad agency starting
with the A’s. Got to the D’s.
Alcone Marketing Group

Learned the ropes. Honed my skills.
Became an art director.
Hayes Martin & Associates

Started from the absolute bottom.
Changed legal lines. Got fired.

Stepped into an ad agency a few months before my 21st birthday. Watched 200+ people get laid off on my second day. Fell in love with the business.
The Art Institute of California

Went to school for graphic design–
the principles I learned here still provide
the foundation for everything I do today.

This site was hand coded by me, thanks to codecademy and the awesome community at stackoverflow.