Creative leader.
Brand builder.

Currently leading multiple brand & growth campaigns
at Twitch.

In a past life I traveled the world leading Instagram campaigns in markets like North America, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Brazil.

In what felt like a fever-dream, I was briefly the
Global Head of Creative for a plant-based food company.
I led teams in four countries and made some solid work before experiencing the harsh reality of start-up life.

For a few years I ran my own creative agency
at Armstrong, Aldrin + Collins.

Before all of that I grew up working for some of the
world’s best brands at a few of the world’s best agencies.

It's been a bit of an abstract career, but I love what I do.

I’m always open to interesting opportunities,
mentoring young creatives (email me!), and speaking
in conferences or classes.

Let’s talk!

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