Alice in Marshmallow Land

The holidays are the biggest time of year for Target. After
a rough 2013, Target wanted to go back to it's iconic roots and bring back the visceral kid-like fun of Christmas.

So we played with too many toys and got jacked on candy canes, then we found our sweet spot somewhere between pop art and old Looney Tunes cartoons.

So to kick off the season, we literally went down the rabbit hole and brought viewers with us to a world where toys are kid-size, dogs have tea parties and candy makes you shrink.

Changing Target's history

Target CMO, Jeff Jones noted that the campaign,
"Changed our history." Marking a huge spike in sales, reviving the fun in the Target brand, and changing the conversation from the credit card scandal that crippled Target’s business the year before.

Out in the world, our 7 year old Alice got to ring the bell
at the New York Stock Exchange and Ellen loved our campaign so much, she incorporated the Naughty or Nice Penguin into her show. These are two of the most surreal videos of all time.

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