Civic Engagement & "I Voted" Sticker

Instagram was looking to use it's insane social status for good by encouraging over 90 million (!!!) U.S. users, 18 and over, to get out and vote during the midterms.

Our campaign kicked off with us asking users to make a plan to vote, then evolved into us enabling them to register (or check their voter registration) via our ads, and then ended with us encouraging them to share their experience using our “I Voted” sticker on election day (which also linked to a way to find your nearest polling place).

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the large team that made this beast of a project come together. Along with other creatives on the project, it took a huge effort from
the policy and planning team to make sure our ads were inclusive to all political views, and a ton of work from the product and design team to get the simple “I Voted” sticker into every tray on Instagram.

In the end, we created 15 unique videos encouraging people to fulfill their civic duty, along with the “I Voted” sticker, which went viral on election day. Here are a few highlights from the campaign.

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