The "Living" Room

The living room is the center of every home. It’s where we play the video games we love, watch the shows we obsess over, and, more importantly, where we eat our pizza rolls.

So, for Totino’s 2018 campaign it only made sense to turn the living room into a literal “living” room. We transformed the sofa and recliner into lovable roommates and the microwave into a house pet.

On top of creating a pair of 15s for national TV, we even made a series of 6 second spots designed to work perfectly in digital preroll. Knowing that a majority of our media buy was for mobile, we even changed our approach to film by shooting with tiny screens in mind.

This was our first campaign produced directly with General Mills through my creative agency, Armstrong Aldrin + Collins. While I’m an art director by trade, I’m proud to say I wrote this entire campaign.

This site was hand coded by me, thanks to codecademy and the awesome community at stackoverflow.