Legends of the Live

We got a rare brief from Twitch with the goal of celebrating, and showing love, to a few of the Creators who make the platform special. That's it.

Our solution was to take this opportunity to celebrate the legendary streaming careers of three of our top Creators.

So we dug into their journeys, let their fans mad-lib
our scripts, created 3 unique animation styles to fit
each Creator's personality, and even got to make a
few limited edition vinyl toys.

So much fun.

Letting the fans decide

Our Creators' legendary careers wouldn’t exist without their fans, so it was only right we let them weigh in on our stories. Designed to be mad-libs-esque, we found key moments in our scripts where chat could decide the outcome.

Each Creator then went live on their Twitch channels, asked our multiple choice questions, and let their fans vote in real time. We then rewrote our scripts around their choices.

Limited edition vinyls

The Creators loved our scripts and character designs
so much we decided to make vinyl toys to compliment
the campaign.

We worked with the team at Youtooz to create these limited edition collectibles for our Creators’ most passionate fans.

Early Design Exploration

This site was hand coded by me, thanks to codecademy and the awesome community at stackoverflow.