NBA 2K24

"See You On The Court" Release Campaign

At 2K, we start each release campaign with a blank screen, a cover athlete, and an incredible internal creative team. From there we spend about 7 months building everything from the ground up.

Knowing that our digital blacktop is where anyone can show up, show off their moves, show off their gear, forge friendships, and take on rivals, we started our journey with the invitation that we’ll “See You On The Court.”

From there, we created 4 unique covers, a completely fresh design system and toolkit, an announcement campaign, a Summer League event, over 10 longform gameplay trailers,

15 scripted films for social, over 500 pieces of original content, a launch event, and a global launch trailer.

I was fortunate to lead the team to early successes on this one. In the 7 weeks prior to launch, we received over 123 million video views (smashing our targets by over 1,000%) and beat our pre-order sales goals. We then ended our launch window with a YoY increase in sales and a 93% positive/neutral sentiment with our fans.

Oh, and I got to meet Shaq and lead Victor Wenbanyama’s first ad campaign. Two huge wins.

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