Topspin 2K

TopSpin 2K25 Release & Branding

At a massive publisher like 2K, with an insane roster of AAA sports titles, it’s rare that you get to release a new product to the world.

It had been 13 years since fans experienced TopSpin 4
and a lot had changed in the world of tennis. The sport
that was once full of famous players, and seen as a bit elitist, had evolved into being more about the famous fans and relaxed culture surrounding the court – our work needed
to reflect this.

Considering the new cultural landscape, we needed to build and introduce an entirely new sports gaming brand from the ground up.

Everything from the logo, covers, design system, tone
of voice, live action visual language, down to how we shot gameplay trailers, had to be considered.

In the end, we introduced a new visual language with bold typography, vibrant colors inspired by the sport, an entirely new logo (designed by me in a true player/coach moment),
a system to celebrating the four major slams, covers celebrating new players and legends of the sport, and
launch creative featuring a hip hop icon, and huge tennis fan, Pusha T.

Oh, and it helped that the game was incredibly fun to play…

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