WWE 2K24 Release

Building on the huge momentum of the WWE brand, and with the 40th anniversary of Wrestlemania approaching, we knew we had to do something special to capitalize on this once in a decade moment for WWE 2K24.

Since WWE 2K offers fans the most immersive wrestling experience, we decided to recontextualize iconic Wrestlemania moments of the past to announce our
game, and then throw them in the ring to experience
40 years of ass kickings for our launch.

Like all of our launches at 2K, I led my team from a blank screen to a massive campaign spanning hundreds of assets from three unique covers (including our first all-female sports cover at 2K), to an entirely fresh design toolkit,

dozens of scripted and illustrated social posts, gameplay trailers, announce, and launch creative – all aiming to lay
the smack down on our rollout calendar.

In the end, we delivered the best performing announcement moment of any sports title in 2K history. In 24 hours #WWE2K24 trended #1 on X (Twitter), our spot racked up over 10M views (618% more than 2K23), and we beat our pre-order sales expectations by over 60%.

Our launch moment also performed incredibly, racking up over 9.5M views in 24 hours and led to us beating our
post-launch sales expectations by double digit percentages.

I also got to meet Hulk Hogan, brother!

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